Strategic Delta Planning
Strengthening strategic delta planning processes in Bangladesh, the Netherlands, Vietnam and beyond

Chris Seijger

Chris Seijger - postdoctoral researcher at IHE Delft in the Integrated Water Systems and Governance group

I am the project’s postdoctoral researcher. I develop the project’s conceptual framework that will be used to analyse the role of actor coalitions, innovative solutions and participatory tools in strategic delta planning processes. My empirical research focuses on a cross-case comparison of strategic delta planning in Bangladesh, Vietnam and the Netherlands. I also try to stimulate collaboration between the PhDs, to come to a shared (and improved!) understanding of delta planning. I am very excited about this project since strategic delta planning has become a new approach to promote the sustainable development of a delta. We will be able to peek into these processes in three very different countries! In addition I am curious to learn more about capacity building, one of the key aspects of the project yet a completely new field for me. I am looking forward to the collaboration with the PhD researchers and all the other people that form the project consortium.