Strategic Delta Planning
Strengthening strategic delta planning processes in Bangladesh, the Netherlands, Vietnam and beyond

Myrthe Vermoolen

Myrthe Vermoolen – PhD candidate at TU Delft in the faculty of Technology, Policy and Management

My PhD research focuses on the formation and change of stakeholder coalitions, as planning processes evolve, in relation to strategic delta planning, and the role of interdisciplinary collaboration therein. My main interest is the interdisciplinary collaboration between spatial planners and water managers in delta planning. Before I started this PhD research I studied Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Amsterdam, where I specialised in Sustainability and the Environment. I became fascinated with water management and delta planning after following the minor “Urbanism in the Delta” at the TUD. After this, I worked as an intern at PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency. The internship was part of my master degree at TU Delft, where I studied Urbanism, and specialised in Delta Interventions and multi-layer safety. With the strategic delta planning research project and the transition to the TPM faculty, I hope to add another dimension to my interdisciplinary perspective, and to contribute to a safer and more sustainable world.