Strategic Delta Planning

Strengthening strategic delta planning processes in Bangladesh, the Netherlands, Vietnam and beyond

Project consortium meeting BD

Fida Khan and CEGIS colleagues organised a succesful project meeting in Dhaka and Khulna. In Dhaka we discussed progress of our research and capacity building activities. In addition we exchanged views with high level experts about the Bangladesh Delta Plan, the Mekong Delta Plan, and the management of coastal polders. On day 2 we traveled to Khulna to see and learn more about coastal polder management and the dilemmas of closing or opening-up polder areas. Residents and constructors were interviewed. On day 3 we interviewed people inside polder 35/1 and returned to Dhaka.  On the last day we set priorities for the second half of the project in research, uptake in training and curriculum, dissemination and societal relevance. 

Training workshop Ho Chi Minh City

From 17 to 21 October the training workshop of Participatory Planning Tools for Strategic Delta Planning & Management took place.  Participants were introduced to various tools offered by our consortium partners, namely: Participatory Scenario Development, Design Charettes, Denvis, and MOTA. These tools were used to develop strategies for Tra Vinh province in the Mekong Delta. In total 45 people from 6 countries participated in the workshop. The workshop was prepared and facilitated by staff from IHE Delft, WACC, Bosch+Slabbers, PBL and Deltares. A copy of the Workshop Report is available here.

The photo below shows workshop facilitators Jaap Evers and Ho Long Phi with one of the participants during the Closing Ceremony.

Project consortium meeting NL

A project consortium meeting was held on the 8th of July at IHE Delft. The researchers presented their progress in their proposals and first data collection. Bosch+Slabbers, PBL and Deltares were looking forward to the training workshop and reflection on 'their' participatory planning tools throughout the project. The tools studied in our project are design charretes, participatory scenario development and Denvis. Ho Long Phi stayed several days to develop a MOTA research agenda. Here you can find the highlights of the meeting.  


Project consortium meeting VNM

Chris Seijger and Wim Douven from IHE Delft organised a project consortium meeting on January 30 2016. The main issues that were discussed were the fieldtrips in Bangaldesh-Vietnam and implications for case studies, vacant research position on actor coalitions (TU Delft), new ideas for the Hourglass framework, research uptake activities, request for progress reports, and 2016 planning. Here is a brief report of the meeting.

Denvis day

Leo Pols (PBL) organised together with IHE-Delft a Denvis day on September 28 so that participants would learn more about the participatory planning tool and its potential role in strategic detla planning. In total 14 people participated, partly from outside our project. Shahnoor Hasan used the workshop to test her evaluation methodology for workshops wherein participatory planning tools are applied. Read the report here

Inception workshop NL

Between 18 and 20 May 2015 the Inception workshop was held at IHE Delft. Here you can find the key documents of the workshop. 

Report of Inception workshop

Slides of presentations Inception workshop:

Project overview by Wim Douven (IHE Delft)

Dutch delta plan by Pieter Bloemen (IHE Delft and Dutch Delta Commission)

Vietnamese delta plan by Ho Long Phi (WACC)

Bangladesh delta plan by Malik Fida A Khan (CEGIS)

Vietnamese delta plan by Jake Brunner (IUCN)

Delta Envisioning Support Tool by Leo Pols (PBL)

Design Charette by Stijn Koole (Bosch+Slabbers)

Research posters:

Consent building by Chris Seijger (IHE Delft)

Interdisciplinary collboration by Myrthe Vermoolen (TU Delft)

Participatory tools by Shahnoor Hasan (IHE Delft)

Innovative solutions by Vo Thi Minh Hoang (Wageningen University)