Strategic Delta Planning

Strengthening strategic delta planning processes in Bangladesh, the Netherlands, Vietnam and beyond


All results can be found in the Online Repository


Synthesis Workshop Strategic Delta Planning Report and presentations from the workshop, 12-14 November at IHE Delft.

Magazine article in ViceVersa Water Special  (Dutch magazine for International Development). Shahnoor Hasan, Chris Seijger and Arjen Zegwaard critically reflect on Dutch delta planning efforts abroad. Available in Dutch and English (scroll to page 58).  

Poster lotus-based farming in Dong Thap province, an innovation that has made positive societal changes but is also confronted with hindrances. By PhD student Vo Thi Minh Hoang, presented at the "Water Science for Impact" conference at Wageningen, the Netherlands.

Peer-reviewed article on the dual lock-in of institutions and technology in sinking delta regions, journal of Prometheus. By Chris Seijger, Gerald Jan Ellen, Stephanie Janssen, Esther Verheijen, Gilles Erkens. Contact us if you want a personal copy.

Master students research. Four students completed their master research with us. You can access their studies below:

Bridging gaps between planning and implementation, Gurvinder Pal Singh Arora (TU Delft)

Improving international cooperation projects, Juan David Patiño Guerra (TU Delft)

Assessment Framework for participatory planning tools 1.0, Joeri van der Stroom (Wageningen University - Deltares)

Assessment framework for participatory planning tools 2.0, Aditya Mirzapahlevi Saptadjaja (Wageningen University - IHE Delft).

Report of training workshop on participatory planning tools for strategic delta planning and management, Khulna Bangladesh.

Report of tidal river management research, conducted by prof. Datta and his team at Khulna University, and report dissemination meeting in Dhaka.

Movie by Juan David Patiño Guerra (TU Delft) on problem- and solution-driven approaches in international cooperation in water management. He compares Bangladesh Delta Plan with Tidal River Management, and offers insight what the two can learn from each other.  

Blog post by Shahnoor Hasan (IHE Delft) in which she critically reflects on the transfer of Dutch delta planning expertise to Bangladesh.

Report of succesful MOTA training workshop in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Project posters were prepared for the NWO UDW conference in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The posters address:

Implementation feasibility Strategic Delta Plans by Quan, Korbee and others

Political Agenda Setting for the Mekong Delta by Hoang, van Halsema and others

Tidal River Management as a strategic innovation by Seijger, Datta and others.

Creating a transdisciplinary research project by Seijger and Douven



Project leaflet on our project and initial lessons learned on strategic delta planning and implementation. 


Presentation by Andrew Wyatt (IUCN), Wim Douven and Chris Seijger (IHE Delft) on our project. Presentation was given during the NWO UDW mid-term review meeting and TU Delft Colloquium on Integral and Adaptive Delta Planning. 

Peer-reviewed paper by Chris Seijger et al. on how to analyse planning and implementation of strategic delta plan's in the Journal of Environmental Planning and ManagementContact us or one of the authors if you need a personal copy.

Report of training workshop Participatory Planning Tools for Strategic Delta Planning & Management, 17-21 October, Ho Chi Minh City. 

Report of project consortium meeting June 8 Delft

Report of project consortium meeting January 30 Ho Chi Minh City.

Project poster prepared for the NWO UDW conference in Ho Chi Minh City, 25-01 until 27-01. The poster summarises our research, capacity building and societal impact in just one page!    


Peer-reviewed paper on the MOTA methodology in the journal of Water Alternatives by Ho Long Phi, Leon Hermans, Wim Douven, Gerardo van Halsema and Malik Fida Khan. Contact us or one of the authors if you need a personal copy.

Report of the Denvis day

Report of the Inception workshop