Strategic Delta Planning

Strengthening strategic delta planning processes in Bangladesh, the Netherlands, Vietnam and beyond

Ms. Vo Thi Minh Hoang – PhD candidate at Wageningen University in the Water Resources Management group.

My name’s is Vo Thi Minh Hoang, I am going to study the changes in approaches and related innovative solutions to flood management in long-term delta processes. As we all know, human beings have always struggled with natural disasters, some of which are considered as normal natural phenomena with regular frequency of occurrence (e.g. flood). However, floods usually cause large-scale loss of human life and wide spread damage to properties. Unimaginable damage will be caused to agriculture, thereby affecting the Mekong delta’s planning and this will upset its financial budgeting, thereby slowing down the economy as a whole. Therefore it is the responsibility of authorities as well as the related entities from the governmental level to the local level to consider the solutions, strategies and policies of mitigation and/or prevention the flood impacts. Hence this research was inspired by the above theoretical and practical issues, and particularly so regarding flood control sectors in delta planning process in Kien Giang province. This study aims to better understand the dynamic flood control process in this province and the roles of stakeholders, experts and policy makers therein. Kien Giang province was opted to be the research site because of its potential on ecological values (i.e. mangrove) that can be considered as a strategic choice which is assumed and expected to ultimately obtain stable stakeholder consent.