Strategic Delta Planning
Strengthening strategic delta planning processes in Bangladesh, the Netherlands, Vietnam and beyond

Practice: support to delta planning

Tools to support delta planning
Approaches that were studied: 
  • Transfer of Dutch delta planning approach to Vietnam and Bangladesh (PhD thesis Shahnoor Hasan, in prep)
  • Four innovations for the Mekong Delta: floating rice and lotus flowers (Upper Delta), room for the river (Middle Delta), shrimp-mangrove (Coastal Delta) (PhD thesis Vo Thi Minh Hoang, in prep)
  • Tidal river management in the southwest of Bangladesh (article, report focus group discussions, movie in prep, booklet in prep)
  • Changes in actor coalitions in Dutch delta planning: opening of Haringvliet, and climate adaption (articles in prep)
  • Strategic delta planning as a mind changer in planning? (Special Issue)
Analytical frameworks: